K9 Crew

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Author - Shelley Hanson
K9 Crew is based on an abused and abandoned puppy named Jake that found a forever home with Shelley Hanson and her family.

With so much to explore, curious where to begin? Decide which bone looks the most fun and start exploring!

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What is K9 Crew?

K9 Crew is a children's book series about adventurous girls who learn the true meaning of friendship with the help of their rambunctious puppies. K9 Crew Beginnings is the first in the series debuting in summer 2004.

Breaking through both social and ethnic barriers, these girls discover they have more in common than just new puppies.  K9 Crew proves that true friends can come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.
See what some readers had to say about K9 Crew Beginnings.
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"A Happy Reader - This new author of K9 Crew Beginnings gives an entertaining look at how young girls interact with their pets, friends, family, and community. Her characters and situations seem very real. She shows us her love of animals in her descriptive and believable puppy antics. She makes us aware of the importance of taking care of our dog’s health and safety. I wasn't ready to stop reading! Good job, Shelley.”

-Reader from Cerritos , California

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“A K9 Crew fan for life!  -  This story is amazing. It touches so many aspects of young girls lives from family, friends, hard times and good times. In addition, the author has amazingly fit in the importance of love and care of pets. This book is one we all should read, adults and children alike as there are lessons for us all. I'm left anxiously awaiting future additions to The K9 Crew story."

-Reader from Mission Viejo , California

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“Great Story From a New Author!  -  K9 Crew Beginnings is a great story with wonderful characters. Every reader will find a K9 Crew member to relate with in this book. The diverse group of girls and their dogs all have a story to tell and their relationships and interactions with each other are very real. Shelley has given us an uplifting story about life, friendships and families that any girl will love. We're looking forward to the next one!”

-Reader from Bakersfield , California