May 2005
Homeless Animals
Create a picture about
homeless animals.

June 2005
Funny Pets

Create a picture showing something funny your pet did.

July 2005
Animals Helping People
Create a picture about
how dogs help people.

Would you like some contest flyers to post or hand out?

No problem!  There are links below to both pdf and doc files.

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Are you a teacher or someone that works with youths?

Shelley might be able to visit your school or facility!

Contact us to find out!

E-mail us at: contact@k9crew.com

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Use the tools of your choice: paint, crayons, pencils, markers, etc. on a sheet of paper. Entries may be no larger than 11 X 17 inches in size and must be dry before sending.
K9 Crew Bookmark
Winner’s Certificate
K9 Crew Suprise Prize
K9 Crew Contest Winners
4 Contest Categories:
Ages 8 and under,
Ages 9 - 12,
Ages 13 - 15,
Ages 16 thru Adult
Send Entries to:
K9 Crew
Attention Contest Entry
PO Box 1357
Brea, CA 92822-1357

Contest Rules:
* Entry must include name, address, age and written consent of a parent or guardian to be eligible.
* Only one entry per person per month. Entries will not be returned.
* K9 Crew retains the right to publish all entries on the K9 Crew Website, www.k9crew.com, and in other K9 Crew publications.
* All entries become property of K9 Crew and Tail Wagging Productions.
* Winners will be identified by first name, age, and state.
* Entries will be chosen based on originality, quality, content, and appeal.

Flyer links:

pdf = under construction

doc = under construction

Entries must be received by the last day of the contest month. Winners will be announced on the 5th day of the following month online at www.k9crew.com.


August 2005
Animal Shelters
Create a picture about
animal shelters.

September 2005
Pets in Action
Create a picture about an animal in action.

October 2005
Famous Animals
Create a picture about
a famous animal.