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Where our story takes place… Sapphire Bay

Sapphire Bay is located in beautiful Southern California .  Nestled on the southern coast of Orange County, Sapphire Bay has many luxuries of a metropolitan area with a highly desirable small town atmosphere. The Sapphire Bay marina is a bustle of activity mooring multimillion-dollar yachts, luxurious sailboats, and weekender fishing boats.

The Sapphire Bay Botanical Gardens on the bluffs overlooking the ocean are a favorite in the area.  Soak up the sun on Saturdays when local artisans and entertainers exhibit their works in the local Farmer’s Market or open-air amphitheater mere steps from the sand.  Come down and Share some sweets with your sweetheart at Frozen Gems Ice Cream Shop located next to the Sapphire Bay pier.

Fly a kite or swim with your pooch down at Dog Beach , located less than a mile north of the Sapphire Bay Pier.  Sapphire Bay Dog Beach is a leash off area where dogs and their owners can spend a carefree day soaking up the sun, splashing in the surf, or building sandcastles. 

Located in the heart of Sapphire Bay , Muttsville is a unique experience for both pet and owner alike.  Relax in the luxurious waiting area or adopt one of many loving companions from the Canine Cottage no-kill shelter located inside Muttsville.  Come down and get to know your potential companion in the Fun-Run agility and canine playground before taking on the commitment of a devoted new family member.

Characters of Sapphire Bay

Rebecca Green K9 Crew Member

Susan Green

Rebecca’s Mom, Paralegal

David Green

Rebecca’s Dad, died 2 years ago


Rebecca’s Grandma, Susan’s mom

Mrs. Johnson

Rebecca’s neighbor, Arthur Miller’s sister


Mrs. Johnson’s cat

Arthur Miller

Susan’s boss, Grammie’s “boyfriend”

Desiree Lamour

Arthur's Daughter, Susan's friend

George Lamour

Desiree's new husband

Fontaine Lamour

Desiree's new step-daughter

Jane Smith K9 Crew Member

Alexis Smith

Jane’s Mom, died during childbirth

Joe Smith

Jane’s Dad, Lawyer

Christopher Brown

Joe’s childhood friend, Green Chemist

Mrs. MacGregor

Smith’s housekeeper, Joe’s childhood nanny

Mr. MacGregor

Smith’s groundskeeper, Joe’s childhood butler

Aunt Jillian

Jane’s Aunt, Joe’s younger sister

Norman Parks

Jillian’s new husband, investor

Beth Thomas K9 Crew Member

Julia Thomas

Beth’s mom, Dental assistant

Steven Thomas

Beth’s dad, Dentist

Seth Thomas

Beth’s twin brother, computer geek

Clark Thomas

Beth’s older brother, Athlete (runner)


Seth’s pet iguana


Beth's 4-year-old black cat

Rosa Rosales K9 Crew Member

Alicia Rosales

Rosa ’s mom, Chef

Carlos Rosales

Rosa ’s dad, Car Dealership manager

Maria Rosales

Rosa ’s younger sister, 3 years old

Roberto Rosales

Rosa ’s older brother, Football player

Fernando Rosales Jr.

Rosa ’s older brother, College student

Dr. Fernando Rosales

Rosa ’s Uncle, Vet. & Owner of Muttsville

Nina Hoffman K9 Crew Member

Edward Hoffman

Nina’s dad, Real Estate Broker

Crystal Hoffman

Nina’s older sister, lives in Hollywood

Marilynn Harrington

Nina’s mom, lives in Texas , married Daryl

Daryl Harrington

Nina’s new stepfather, lives in Texas

Leo Dog Trainer, married to Annie
Annie Works at Muttsville, married to Leo
Fred Owner of Frozen Gems
Dr. Sean Veterinarian, works at Muttsville
Tony Anderson Joe's Business Partner, Lawyer
Sapphire Bay Middle School
Subject Teacher Name
Homeroom Ms. Barton
Art Mr. Ashworth
Drama Ms. Zamora
English Mr. Jenson
Journalism Mrs. Starr
Math Mr. Wood
Physical Education Coach Cornell
Science Mrs. Donatelli
Track Coach Cornell
School Principal Mr. Talbot
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